5 Common Mistakes Bloggers Do

With each passing day, more and more people are writing content for the web, whether they are bloggers who write to “feed” their blogs, or are individuals who are paid to write articles for the internet. And in the midst of all this, there are experienced, and novice people, and this article is mainly aimed at […]

How to create a WordPress Blog – Application available for Android

Smartphones seem to be a fashion that has come to stay, which led me to research a bit about applications for Android and the Android Market. As a result, I created a simple application for Android, through which I make available my e-book: “How to create a WordPress blog”. Whoever has an android smartphone, and want […]

How to turn links from your blog comments into dofollow links

By default, the links of the comments of the WordPress blogs are nofollow, that is, do not pass link juice to the blog of the person who comments and leaves your link. However, it is possible to remove the “nofollow” attribute from the links of your wordpress blog comments. How to do it? To remove this “nofollow” […]

How to create friendly urls on your WordPress blog (permalinks)

Having friendly urls in your blog only brings benefits, both to your readers as well as in terms of SEO . Therefore, there is no reason for you not to opt for friendly urls. If you can choose between a url of the type “http://marketingsucesso.com/?p=123” and one of the type “http://marketingsucesso.com/download-gratis-do-ebook-how-to-google-google” which would you choose? How to create […]


This week one of my blogs was hacked, and in an attempt to solve the problem, I discovered that the attack resulted from a vulnerability in the timthumb.php file (which is included in Elegant Themes ). In fact, in this blog I’m using a template from  Elegant Themes , and as I recommend this platform for selling wordpress themes here on […]

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