A blog with many comments is a sign of popularity and success , and the more readers comment and leave their opinion, the better for the blog itself but also for all visitors.

If comments have substance and are a complement to the article itself, then there is perfection – since readers can learn even more by reading the comments.

On the other hand, a comment in which a question is posed, a pertinent question or where other points of view are expressed are also very useful because they will generate discussion (healthy or not) around the theme in question and capture the attention of the visitors.

But what about irrelevant and utterly unreasonable comments?

Well, here on the blog I just ignored those comments and deleted them. I prefer to have few comments, than to “fill” the blog with irrelevant comments, unreasonable and even in some cases even idiots.

To give you an idea of ​​what I’m talking about here are some examples:

In the article ” Affiliate programs – The advantages of being subscribed to several ” I recently published someone commented:

– “and a very cool blog he has everything”

the same person also commented:

– “and a blog that musics, games, etc;”

and another:

– “free classified ads on the internet – www … ..”

Now I asked:

“What the hell’s this for?” How useful are these comments for the blog and / or the readers? What else does this have to do with the topic of the article?

Honestly, I think people should have a little common sense and sense of things, not to make these figures. In most cases this is “work” for novice users, and the purpose of this article is precisely to call attention to these cases and make all Internet users aware.

And you also “take” with these kind of comments on your blog? If you wish, share with us an absurd and unreasonable comment that you have received;)

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