How to turn links from your blog comments into dofollow links

By default, the links of the comments of the WordPress blogs are nofollow, that is, do not pass link juice to the blog of the person who comments and leaves your link.

However, it is possible to remove the “nofollow” attribute from the links of your wordpress blog comments.

How to do it?

  • To remove this “nofollow” attribute I recommend using the “dofollow” plugin.
  • From your WordPress admin panel, go to “Plugins” »” Add New “.
  • In the search box type “dofollow” and click the “search plugins” button.
  • The “dofollow” plugin is the 1st in the list.
  • Click “Install Now”.
  • After installation complete be sure to enable the plugin.
  • And ready, from that moment the links  of the comments of your blog become dofollow.

My case

I installed the “dofollow” plugin here on the blog , so the comments links went to dofollow.

This decision obviously entails the “danger” of the blog getting to receive many SPAM comments, and whose goal is just to leave the link. Well, I’m warning you that this kind of comment will be eliminated.

For your comment to be accepted it should first be related to the topic of the respective post, and should contribute with relevant information also for the remaining visitors.


The risk of installing this plugin is zero, since to revert the situation just need to disable the plugin.

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