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The Rise Of Digital Marketing

The rise of digital marketing means that fortunately for those who dedicate themselves to it, this industry generates a lot of work today. Its professionals are among the most requested by companies. 

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Major Professions With More Future

Community Manager

In general terms, the CM is responsible for managing social networks, blog and the online presence of a company. Depending on the capacity of the business, the job of the Community Manager can cover more or fewer tasks. If it is a small or medium-sized company, the community manager has to do practically everything, sometimes with the help of employees. That is, he is responsible for designing a marketing plan, launching and maintaining social networks, writing articles on the blog and measuring the results of his strategy, among other things.

Social Media Manager

This is the name given to the person in charge of creating the marketing plan for a brand. This profile exists, above all, in large companies. Because in the small and medium ones, as we have already said, the community manager is the one who does it all. To carry out its task, it is necessary that SMM knows well the company, the sector for which it works and the competition. Before designing a strategy, you must know the specific objectives then; you have to interpret the data provided by the analysis tools to understand what is working and then make decisions.

Web designer

He is the person who designs, launches and maintains the website or blog of a company. The web designer is a crucial piece in digital marketing. You can not improve the image of a company on the Internet and get it well positioned if you do not have an excellent website or blog. He is responsible for shaping the page using creativity. He is responsible for the aesthetics and looks of the web.  

SEO Consultant

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. That is optimization of search engines. This means that the SEO consultant works to get the website of a company has a more significant presence and appear naturally in the top positions of the search engines. All to increase traffic to the web and get quality customers. An SEO consultant can be a:

  • Expert SEM (Google AdWords)

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. That is, is responsible for creating advertising campaigns to increase the visibility of a brand in search engines through sponsored links. There are several tools to design ads on the Internet. Google AdWords is recommended for one simple reason: Google is the number one search engine, the most used globally.

To develop advertising campaigns, the SEM expert must first know the keywords and the terms most sought by the target audience. You can find this profession in a best local seo company for google.  

The digital analyst or web analyst is the person who analyzes the traffic data of a website. The objective of your work is to know if a marketing strategy works. Therefore, it is a work and an essential profile to ensure the success of any initiative on the Internet. For this, it is imperative that you know how to use the tools necessary to measure results. We bet on Google Analytics. The digital analyst must monitor the web traffic of a page: understand who visits the web, where they come from and how they behave. He controls the conversion, that is, in what way the objectives of the page are met. Finally, you have to prepare reports that reflect all that activity and updates of the web. This profession can be found in SEO services in Florida.

Online Specialist With Significant Roles

Digital Content Creator

He is the professional in charge of creating images and videos for dissemination on the web and Social Networks. One of your first tasks is to think about the content you want to distribute, create the idea, and then give it the appropriate form. Among the different formats that the digital content creator must manage are the video, the podcast, the photograph, the illustration or the infographic. It is necessary, therefore, that this marketing specialist knows recording, editing, the creation of effects, photography, graphic design and programs such as Photoshop.

E-commerce Manager

He is responsible for the entire online sales process of a company. It is one of the most demanded positions currently in the digital professions. The expert in electronic commerce is the one that defines the online sales strategy of a brand and executes it. He must have extensive knowledge of online marketing and be aware of new technologies related to the purchasing process (tools, applications, supports).

Copy Blogger

He is the author of the texts and the writer of the messages that a company distributes through its blog and Social Networks. Any digital marketing strategy involves the creation of valuable content for dissemination in the different channels of the company (web or blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google +). He is responsible for communication and to turn ideas into words. Among the functions of this professional is the writing of articles for the blog, the creation of a post for Social Networks, write campaigns and sponsored publications, create attractive titles or advertising slogans that draw the attention of users.

Mobile Apps Developer

This is the name given to the program that positions mobile applications. This position is one of the most recent. A few years ago it did not exist, but right now it is one of the most requested. The apps business is booming and has a great future. The creation of applications is becoming a plus for digital marketing because they enrich the user experience and facilitate the relationship between the product and followers.

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