How to Create Email Capture Pages in Less Than 2 Minutes with the SqueezeWP Plugin

Want to know how to create fantastic email capture pages even without knowing anything about programming? Then, you need to know the SqueezeWP Plugin (WordPress)! This plugin was created by J R, and in this video HERE,  he demonstrates in practice how it is possible to create an attractive capture page in less than 2 minutes. Plugin features: […]

How to create a WordPress Blog – Application available for Android

Smartphones seem to be a fashion that has come to stay, which led me to research a bit about applications for Android and the Android Market. As a result, I created a simple application for Android, through which I make available my e-book: “How to create a WordPress blog”. Whoever has an android smartphone, and want […]

How to create friendly urls on your WordPress blog (permalinks)

Having friendly urls in your blog only brings benefits, both to your readers as well as in terms of SEO . Therefore, there is no reason for you not to opt for friendly urls. If you can choose between a url of the type “” and one of the type “” which would you choose? How to create […]

How much do I have to invest to create a professional blog?

If you are thinking about creating your professional blog, but do not know where to start or how much it will cost, then this post will help you. How much do I have to invest to create a professional blog? Domain and Hosting To create your professional blog you should not use the free platforms, […]

How to create a blog III – How to install WordPress

This is the 3rd article in the How to Create a Blog : Article 1 – How to create a blog I – The choice of niche Article 2 – How to create a blog II – A Choice of domain and accommodation In today’s article I will explain how to install WordPress to start your blog. As I’ve mentioned several times, […]

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