[Study] 3 Factors That Help Increase E-mail Launch Rate

The Retention Science  conducted a study that analyzed 260 million emails included in 540 campaigns email marketing , and conclusions reveleram three factors that help increase email open rate:

1. Emails with 6 to 10 words in the Subject field have a higher opening rate

According to the Retention Science study, emails with 6 to 10 words in the Subject field obtained a 5% higher opening rate  than emails with 0 to 5 words in the subject (which got the second highest rate).

Or authors also revealed that 52% of the emails evaluated had subjects with 11 to 15 words, which lowered the opening rate to 14%.

While studies have reported open rates of 65% on mobile devices, Retention Science reported that 35% of the emails analyzed were opened on a mobile device, thus reinforcing the importance of writing a short subject:

“Given that most smartphones only display five or six words of a subject line, being brief and concise is an even more critical factor in the world of mobile marketing.”

2. Placing the first name of the recipient in the Email subject increases the opening rate by 2.6%

To help increase the rate of opening emails, Retention Science recommends that you put the person’s name (recipient) * in the Email Subject.

* Obviously for this, when building your email list , you will have to capture people’s name + email (not just the email). 

3. Placing Movie Titles or Song Lyrics in the Email Subject increases the aperture rate

Retention Science noted that the emerging trend in using Song Titles and Movies in the Subject of Emails also helped email marketers achieve higher opening rates.

“References to movies and music can be targeted to particular customer segments or encapsulate a promotional theme, making it a creative way to hyper-segment and capture attention,” said Jerry Jao, CEO of Retention Science.

Citing a separate study, the company (Retention Science) revealed that Movie Affairs and / or Song Lyrics Emails had an opening rate of 26.2% compared to emails with “more traditional subject lines “, Which resulted in an opening rate of around 16%:

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