How to resolve error in wordpress “Warning: Parameter 1 to fdl_the_content () expected to be a reference”

People who have visited the success blog these past days should have noticed the following error message: “Warning: Parameter 1 to fdl_the_content () expected to be a reference, value given in / home / … / public_html / … / wp-includes / plugin .php on line 170 “

That is, instead of the contents of the posts only this message was displayed.

Just today I detected the error, which had also occurred to me a while ago in another blog, and I verified that the error was being caused by the “Feed Layout” plugin – that serves to display publicity to the readers of the blog by email .

If you also use this plugin, sooner or later this error may occur, but nothing to get into stress since solving the problem is quite simple.

How to solve this error?

To solve this problem you only have to edit the “Feed Layout” plugin.

Go to “Installed Plugins”, and in the “Feed Layout” plugin click “Edit”.

Scroll down to line 38 of code: The code displayed on line 38 is:

function fdl_the_content (& $ content)

Replace this line of code with:

function fdl_the_content ($ content)

As you can verify just have to delete the “&”.

And that’s it, it’s very simple and the problem is solved immediately.

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