Powerful software for creation of attractive videos (whiteboard animation)

The “whiteboard animation” videos are very successful, especially among North American marketers. This kind of video is very innovative, and when done right it creates a significant impact on people. Marketers who use whiteboard animation to sell products, generate leads, and so on – claim that such video has increased their conversion rates in a way they never imagined.

So I’ve been researching and found a powerful software that lets you make “whiteboard animation” videos. I tried it for free for a few days – the free trial period is 30 days – and I found it so cool that I ended up buying an annual subscription to the product.

Working with this software is quite simple. I watched only three video tutorials (which they make available on the site), and I immediately made this video that I show below:

In my opinion, it is a software that has a lot of potentials, and also it still offers a library of audio (music) free of copyright to put in the videos.

I already uploaded to You Tube some videos I made, and they were accepted to be monetized. By purchasing a license of this software you have full permission to use all images and music, and so the videos you create are considered as original content belonging to you.

Some ways to make money from this software:

  •  Make videos to promote and sell products through You Tube;
  •  Make videos to make money with Adsense ads from You Tube;
  •  Create video content to put in your blog posts;
  •  Provide the video creation service for people/companies interested in promoting their products and services innovatively and attractively.

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