Pop Up Domination – The plugin that will exponentially increase the number of subscribers of your blog

The number of subscribers / readers is usually a good indicator of the popularity and success of a blog, so in today’s article I’m going to present a fantastic plugin that will immensely help you achieve the goal of increasing the number of your subscribers. blog

I had known this plugin for months, and had also read several reviews on various blogs about it, all going to agree that Pop Up Domination 2.0 really fulfilled what it promised.

Well, this week I decided to move forward and put Pop Up Domination into action on one of my blogs, and the results far exceeded my best expectations.

My Experience with Pop Up Domination

I installed and configured the plugin in the blog in question, on September 19, 2011, integrating it with the form of Feedburner .

The installation and configuration process does not take more than 5 minutes (in a next post I will explain in detail how it is processed).

Evolution of the number of subscribers:

  • Day 15 of September: 1524
  • Day 16 of September: 1525
  • Day 17 of September: 1529
  • September 18: 1531
  • September 19: 1532
  • 20th of September: 1580
  • September 21: 1621

These are the values ​​given when I place the mouse over the “green dots” shown in the image above. I’m sorry for not giving to show the data in the image.

As you can see, before installing Pop Up Domination , the average was 2 to 4 new subscribers per day.

As of September 19 (the date the plugin was activated), the average number of new subscribers per day has increased to more than 40. Yes, it’s true 40! Increased 10 times.

On the Pop Up Domination sales page , there is a 429% increase in the number of subscribers. In my case this increase was 1000%!

At this moment I just regret not having installed the plugin a few months ago …

It is one of those cases where the product is worth every dollar it costs. It was $ 47 really well spent.

Note: By purchasing the license, you can then use Pop Up Domination on all your WordPress blogs.

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