How to turn links from your blog comments into dofollow links

By default, the links of the comments of the WordPress blogs are nofollow, that is, do not pass link juice to the blog of the person who comments and leaves your link.

However, it is possible to remove the “nofollow" attribute from the links of your wordpress blog comments.

How to do it?

  • To remove this “nofollow" attribute I recommend using the “dofollow" plugin.
  • From your WordPress admin panel, go to “Plugins" »" Add New “.
  • In the search box type “dofollow" and click the “search plugins" button.
  • The “dofollow" plugin is the 1st in the list.
  • Click “Install Now".
  • After installation complete be sure to enable the plugin.
  • And ready, from that moment the links  of the comments of your blog become dofollow.

My case

I installed the “dofollow" plugin here on the blog , so the comments links went to dofollow.

This decision obviously entails the “danger" of the blog getting to receive many SPAM comments, and whose goal is just to leave the link. Well, I"m warning you that this kind of comment will be eliminated.

For your comment to be accepted it should first be related to the topic of the respective post, and should contribute with relevant information also for the remaining visitors.


The risk of installing this plugin is zero, since to revert the situation just need to disable the plugin.

How to create friendly urls on your WordPress blog (permalinks)

Having friendly urls in your blog only brings benefits, both to your readers as well as in terms of SEO . Therefore, there is no reason for you not to opt for friendly urls.

If you can choose between a url of the type


and one of the type


which would you choose?

How to create friendly urls on your wordpress blog

One of the first tasks to do when starting a blog in wordpress is to set up “permanent links" (“permalinks").

How to make?

In the left column of your WordPress panel, go to “Options" and click “Permanent links" / “Permalinks".

By default the first option is active, so you will have to switch to the “Custom Structure" option and in the box next to it type: /% postname% /

Lastly, save your changes and you"ll have friendly urls on your wordpress blog.

As you see it is a simple and quick task, but that will bring you many benefits.

Make the change and see you next time!

Freebies Friday: free wordpress templates, free psd files, blogger templates, flash templates, icons, free vectors and more

As everyone likes freebies and things, today I come to talk about Envy Friday Freebies.

Envato is the company that is part of Theme Forest (site of premium themes for wordpress) , and of which I have already spoken here on the blog.

Yeah, and every Friday Envato offers something:

  • free WordPress templates
  • free psd files
  • templates blogger
  • flash templates
  • icons
  • vectors
  • CSS templates
  • Patterns
  • textures
  • sources
  • etc.

So all you have to do is watch out. Maybe you can not get that WordPress or blogger theme that you were looking for, or some psd file, icon, pattern or texture useful to use in some design work … you can always see something that interests you.

Pop Up Domination – The plugin that will exponentially increase the number of subscribers of your blog

The number of subscribers / readers is usually a good indicator of the popularity and success of a blog, so in today"s article I"m going to present a fantastic plugin that will immensely help you achieve the goal of increasing the number of your subscribers. blog

I had known this plugin for months, and had also read several reviews on various blogs about it, all going to agree that Pop Up Domination 2.0 really fulfilled what it promised.

Well, this week I decided to move forward and put Pop Up Domination into action on one of my blogs, and the results far exceeded my best expectations.

My Experience with Pop Up Domination

I installed and configured the plugin in the blog in question, on September 19, 2011, integrating it with the form of Feedburner .

The installation and configuration process does not take more than 5 minutes (in a next post I will explain in detail how it is processed).

Evolution of the number of subscribers:

  • Day 15 of September: 1524
  • Day 16 of September: 1525
  • Day 17 of September: 1529
  • September 18: 1531
  • September 19: 1532
  • 20th of September: 1580
  • September 21: 1621

These are the values ​​given when I place the mouse over the “green dots" shown in the image above. I"m sorry for not giving to show the data in the image.

As you can see, before installing Pop Up Domination , the average was 2 to 4 new subscribers per day.

As of September 19 (the date the plugin was activated), the average number of new subscribers per day has increased to more than 40. Yes, it"s true 40! Increased 10 times.

On the Pop Up Domination sales page , there is a 429% increase in the number of subscribers. In my case this increase was 1000%!

At this moment I just regret not having installed the plugin a few months ago …

It is one of those cases where the product is worth every dollar it costs. It was $ 47 really well spent.

Note: By purchasing the license, you can then use Pop Up Domination on all your WordPress blogs.

How to create a blog VI – Forms of dissemination and traffic collection

This is the 6th article in the " How to Create a Blog " series:

Article 1 –  How to create a blog I – The choice of niche

Article 2 –  How to create a blog II – A Choice of domain and accommodation

Article 3 –  How to create a blog III – How to install WordPress

Article 4 – How to create a blog IV – How to choose a wordpress theme

Article 5 – How to create a blog V – The process of creating and publishing content

The topic of today"s article are the techniques of spreading and raising traffic to your blog.

Now that you already have a significant number of articles published you have to start to spread your blog in order to attract visitors.

Forms of dissemination and traffic

– Links in the signature of the Forums in which you participate

 Most forums allow members to post their signature. The signature is a “text / link / image" that appears at the end of all posts a member post in the forum. So you can use this space to put a link or a banner pointing to your blog.

– Comments on other blogs

If you post relevant comments on other blogs in the same niche you will surely get value visits. But be careful, do not spam (this will ruin your reputation). And what"s more, other readers will only click on your link if you post some valuable content.

– Article marketing

Article marketing consists of publishing relevant articles in article directories . These directories allow the Author to leave links at the end of articles and with this you can generate traffic for free.

I recommend reading the following articles on this subject:

» The Power of Article Marketing

» Tips for Beginners in Article Marketing

– Guest posts

You can contact other bloggers in the same niche by posting a guest post.

  • Disclosure in so-called content aggregators
  • Disclosure in social networks
  • Posting videos to YouTube
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

I left to last the Seo technique since since your blog is still very recent, seo will not generate much traffic at this stage. However, you should focus on search engine optimization right from the 1st day of your blog"s life.

Just to get an idea, in the blogs that I manage between 70 to 90% of visits come from search engines.

So it"s important that you invest time in optimizing your blog so that it positions itself on the first page of the SERP (and preferably in the top places ).

To learn more about seo, read the articles I have already published on this subject in the seo category .

In the next article in this series I will talk about ways to monetize blogs.

See you soon!


This week one of my blogs was hacked, and in an attempt to solve the problem, I discovered that the attack resulted from a vulnerability in the timthumb.php file (which is included in Elegant Themes ).

In fact, in this blog I"m using a template from  Elegant Themes , and as I recommend this platform for selling wordpress themes here on the blog (and already several people bought through my link), I come today to explain how you can prevent against this vulnerability.

How to resolve the timthumb vulnerability

This vulnerability is due to timthumb.php (or in some cases thumb.php), and all templates containing such files are vulnerable to attack (not just those of Elegant Themes ).

How to stay protected

In the WordPress admin panel, click “Presentation" »" Editor “and look for a file called timthumb.php, thumb.php or a similar name. If it does not exist, it is not necessary to make any changes. If it exists, open the file and replace all the code inside it with  this one , and save the changes.

In addition to this change, it is also important that you keep your WordPress updated, as well as all the plugins you are using on your blog.

As the popular saying goes: Prevention is the best medicine!

How much do I have to invest to create a professional blog?

If you are thinking about creating your professional blog, but do not know where to start or how much it will cost, then this post will help you.

How much do I have to invest to create a professional blog?

Domain and Hosting

To create your professional blog you should not use the free platforms, you should start by buying your own domain and your hosting .

If you have no idea what niche or domain to choose read the post: " How to choose your niche market “.

To host your blog I recommend PtWebsite or PTWS . They are 2 companies that I work with, and with which I am very satisfied, both in terms of service and support. In these companies you will have domain + housing for a price.


If you plan to create a professional blog then it has to have a professional image, that is a professional dress.

Whoever accompanies my blog knows that it rolls in WordPress , and it is this platform that I always recommend.

To choose a professional theme, see here .

About 30 to 40 dollars is how much you will have to invest in a theme for your blog.

Professional blog how much it costs


The logo is another aspect to take into account to convey a really professional posture.

If you do not master graphic design software, then the best solution is to pay for someone to create your logo.

I recommend you look for designers in Forum + t (click here) .

I have already hired personnel services that go there and I liked it. You can get a good job for 10 to 20 €.

Remember that the template and logo are unique investments that will serve you for years, so it"s worth spending a little more and getting really well served.

By doing the math, you can start with your professional blog.

How to create a blog V – The process of creating and publishing content

This is the 5th article in the " How to Create a Blog " series:

Article 1 –  How to create a blog I – The choice of niche

Article 2 –  How to create a blog II – A Choice of domain and accommodation

Article 3 –  How to create a blog III – How to install WordPress

Article 4 – How to create a blog IV – How to choose a WordPress theme

In today"s article I will address perhaps the one that is the most important point for the long-term success of your blog, which is precisely the content.

For you to succeed and make money with your blog, you do not just get good Google placements. Netizens when they do a search on Google are because they are looking for something, and if when they visit your blog they do not find what they are looking for they quickly abandon it and may never come back.

That is why it is essential to offer high quality content that matches the expectations of visitors.


– The content must be related to the chosen niche

In the article " How to create a blog – part I “, I talked about the importance of defining / choosing a niche, and the factors to take into account. In this sense, it is obvious that when creating content for your blog, these should be closely related to the defined theme.

– Define a cadence of writing / publishing new articles and comply with them

This point depends on each person, and has to be defined according to their available time.

In the initial phase of the blog it is important that you get to publish new articles often (a good goal is to publish 1 new article per day). I remember that the higher the cadence of publication, the faster your blog will grow and the faster it will reach a volume of relevant traffic in order to start to be monetized.

If your free time is not much, then consider writing 30 to 50 articles before “putting the blog on the air". This way, once you publish the 1st article you will have 30 to 50 articles ready to be published next, and you will not feel the pressure and stress of having to write every day because you need new content to publish.

This gives you some room for maneuver, and allows you to keep writing at your pace and without pressure – which will help you maintain the excellence and quality of your articles .

– Do not publish just by posting

If for some reason you have neglected and do not have new content to publish, then simply conform to the situation and do not publish.

Publish only by publishing, without quality, is bad for your reputation and will drive away readers.

– Buying articles is an option to take into account

In the heaviest times, or in case you are without ideas, you may consider buying some articles, since there are copywriters who do this type of work and with fairly reasonable quality.

– Focus on creating content and forget about monetization

In the initial phase of your blog you should focus all your energies on creating content. Score. The monetization is for later, when already has 100 to 150 articles published, and a volume of traffic that already justifies it.


In today"s post I have revealed a tip that will instantly increase your blog"s revenue, and based on the idea of ​​optimizing the monetization of the most visited posts.

If your blog already has a significant volume of traffic, then you will find that there are posts that receive many visits, while others go almost unnoticed.


To find out which blog posts get the most hits you can use Google Analytics.

To know what Google Analytics is and how to install the code on your blog read the article " Using Google Analytics as a source of motivation … “.

In the case of my blog I found that the most visited posts are as follows:

You can get this information by going to “Content" »» “Main Content" (in your Google Analytics account).


After identifying the 4 or 5 most viewed posts, you should review the theme and content of these posts, and check if there is any campaign (of affiliate programs ) that can “fit" into each of these posts.

My advice is to try several campaigns related to the themes of these posts (for example by placing a banner in the middle of the post), so as to know which one converts better.

Lastly, let the campaigns that showed the best conversion rates (for each post) stay, and see the money coming in every day.

Of note, this tactic works especially well in generalist blogs, ie blogs in which the author speaks of various topics (not restricted to any particular niche).

To choose the best campaigns see the article – 15 free affiliate programs to make money from your blog .