How much do I have to invest to create a professional blog?

If you are thinking about creating your professional blog, but do not know where to start or how much it will cost, then this post will help you.

How much do I have to invest to create a professional blog?

Domain and Hosting

To create your professional blog you should not use the free platforms, you should start by buying your own domain and your hosting .

If you have no idea what niche or domain to choose read the post: ” How to choose your niche market “.

To host your blog I recommend PtWebsite or PTWS . They are 2 companies that I work with, and with which I am very satisfied, both in terms of service and support. In these companies you will have domain + housing for a price.


If you plan to create a professional blog then it has to have a professional image, that is a professional dress.

Whoever accompanies my blog knows that it rolls in WordPress , and it is this platform that I always recommend.

To choose a professional theme, see here .

About 30 to 40 dollars is how much you will have to invest in a theme for your blog.

Professional blog how much it costs


The logo is another aspect to take into account to convey a really professional posture.

If you do not master graphic design software, then the best solution is to pay for someone to create your logo.

I recommend you look for designers in Forum + t (click here) .

I have already hired personnel services that go there and I liked it. You can get a good job for 10 to 20 €.

Remember that the template and logo are unique investments that will serve you for years, so it’s worth spending a little more and getting really well served.

By doing the math, you can start with your professional blog.

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