In the last post I showed how perfectly it is possible to earn 50 euros a day with adsense for blogs , and today I come to know the tool that allowed me to achieve these daily earnings with adsense, and that will certainly help me to double, triple or even even quadruple these values.

The tool I am referring to is Micro Niche Finder – a very intuitive software that allows anyone to find niche blogs for a matter of minutes.

If your goal is to find niches for profitable and low-competition blogs – which is basically the dream of any blogger who wants to make money – then you need the help of Micro Niche Finder .

I acquired this software a few months ago, and it was thanks to him that I managed to make the leap and start making money seriously with blogs.

On May 19, 2010, I published here the blog of success the article:

– ” Make Money With Adsense On Niche Blogs “

and if you read this article you will see that at that time I was doing on average 8 euros a day with adsense. Now if you read the article:

– ” How to earn 50 euros per day with adsense for blogs “

will confirm that at this moment I am earning on average 50 euros per day (only with adsense). This means that in just 4 months I’ve earned 6 times as much – and I’m confident that the rising earnings trend will continue.

Since I believe that Micro Niche Finder was indispensable to me and that it is a really powerful tool, I feel perfectly safe and comfortable to recommend it to all of you who want to make money on the internet with blogs.

The software costs $ 99.99 and as you can see by my example is a great investment. In addition, you can also choose to receive a backup of the program in a USB stick, which will be sent to your address.

 NOTE: You will need to enter your name and email address on the home page before you can proceed.

Finally I leave here 2 videos to see the interface of the program and to know a little more about its operation.

The 1st video is in English and has some very good tips – for those who understand English obviously.

The 2nd is in Portuguese and is the author of Custódio’s money blog, which also uses and recommends this software.

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