How to create a blog I: Choosing the niche

This is the first of a series of articles that I will publish here on the blog of success on the topic how to create a profitable blog .

In this series of articles I will explain step by step all the important aspects related to creating a blog. They will be interesting articles especially for those who are taking the first steps in the world of blogging and want to learn how to make money with blogs.

How to create a blog I: Choosing the niche

Before starting your blog you have to do a market research in order to choose the best niche possible.

This is a step that many aspiring bloggers forget. However, choosing the niche is so important that it can dictate right from the success / failure of your project. Ignoring this step is almost like starting to build a house without a project designed by an architect.

Factors to take into account when choosing the niche

– Your tastes matter

You should create a blog in an area that you like and dominate. This is the only way that blogging will be a pleasure, which decreases the chances of giving up even before earning the first profits.

To get some ideas read the post: ” 20 blogging niches ideas “.

– Searching for keywords within your niche

At the outset you can have several ideas for the topics you would like to  write about , but first of all check if there is a market for these topics (niches). And for this you have to know if there are people looking for these themes in the search engines.

Use the Google Keyword Tool , and search for keywords and / or phrases related to the niches you are thinking about entering. For each niche, create a keyword / phrase listing. Search for them in the Google Keyword Tool and write down search volumes. Keep in mind that the higher the search volume the better. Check the “Generic” values ​​as well as the “Exact” values ​​to have more concrete data on how many people are actually searching for a particular word or phrase.

Note: phrases and / or expressions have obviously smaller search volumes, however, they are easier to “attack” to get to the top of Google.

– Check for advertisers for your niche

One of the most popular and easiest ways to  make money from a blog is through Google Adsense contextual ads , but for this you have to confirm if there are advertisers within our niche.

To find out if advertisers just have to go to Google and do searches using the keywords / phrases you are thinking about “attacking.” If you see sponsored links in the sidebar and underneath the Google search box, there are advertisers.

– “Measure” the competition of the keywords

Once you verify if there is market for your niche, you have to measure the strength of your competition. To measure the competition I use Micronichefinder which is paid software. However, if you do not want to invest money in the purchase of Micro Niche Finder , you can get an “estimate” of the competition by searching for the keywords in Google and checking the number of results presented. Normally, the lower the number of results the less competition will be. This method is not very accurate but it always gives people who do not want to spend money on software to get an idea.

Practice these steps. Create keyword lists according to your tastes, search volumes, Adsense advertisers, and competing strength.

Summing up:

  • Tastes »important!
  • Search Volume »the higher the better!
  • Adsense Advertisers »the more the better!
  • Competition »the less the better!

Combine all these factors and you will discover your ideal niche to make money from a blog.

In the next post I will address what to do next! But first you have to choose niche market nicely. Do not be in a hurry to choose the niche – Take the time you need and above all do things calmly and do them well!

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