For those who are thinking of creating a new blog (or even several) and are looking for good prices to host the sites, I come to know the promotions that PTWS is doing and that are valid for those who order until the 6th of January 2011.

PTWS Promotions for Hosting Sites :

PTWS Christmas “Baratinho”

Space: 1Gb
Monthly traffic: 50Gb
Up to 2 domains allowed
.com / .net domain offer

Annual price: € 25

This is undoubtedly a cheap solution for those who want to create their blog with domain and hosting itself.

PTWS Christmas “` The Way! “

5Gb Monthly traffic: 150Gb
Up to 3 domains allowed
Domain offer .PT / .COM.PT / .EU / .com / .net

Annual price: € 42.95

PTWS Christmas “To The Great!”

Space: 50 Gb
Monthly traffic: 500 Gb
Up to 10 domains allowed
.com / .net domain offer

Annual price: 79 €

PTWS Christmas “All mine”

Virtual Private Server – VPS
Memory: 2Gb RAM
Disk Space
: 40Gb Monthly Traffic: 500Gb
2 IP Addresses
Fully Managed VPS
* nix operating system (CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, etc)

Annual price: 250 €
Monthly price: 25 €

Note: Prices without VAT. These promotional prices are only for new orders and / or new customers.

»» »For more details visit the PTWS website .

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