Email capture: blog with pop up domination vs blog without pop up domination

In today’s article I will return to the topic of email capture / increase of the number of subscribers of the blog, to prove how a pop up to capture emails ( in my case pop up domination ) can boost their results.

Blog with pop up domination vs blog without pop up domination

Let’s look at the results from last month (June / 2013) of 2 blogs of similar niches:

Blog A: Blog with pop up domination: 6,797 unique visitors / 248 new subscribers

Blog B: Blog  without pop up domination: 1,263 unique visitors / 10 new subscribers

Analyzing the results and making a simple calculation, I can conclude that if I were not using pop up domination on Blog A, I would have only 53 new subscribers (instead of 248).

Applying the same type of relationship, now for Blog B, I can also conclude that if I were using pop up domination in it, I would have got 46 new subscribers (instead of 10). That is to say, »» » + 460% !!! A result that is in line with what is advertised on the plugin’s own website:

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