How to create friendly urls on your WordPress blog (permalinks)

Having friendly urls in your blog only brings benefits, both to your readers as well as in terms of SEO . Therefore, there is no reason for you not to opt for friendly urls.

If you can choose between a url of the type


and one of the type


which would you choose?

How to create friendly urls on your wordpress blog

One of the first tasks to do when starting a blog in wordpress is to set up “permanent links” (“permalinks”).

How to make?

In the left column of your WordPress panel, go to “Options” and click “Permanent links” / “Permalinks”.

By default the first option is active, so you will have to switch to the “Custom Structure” option and in the box next to it type: /% postname% /

Lastly, save your changes and you’ll have friendly urls on your wordpress blog.

As you see it is a simple and quick task, but that will bring you many benefits.

Make the change and see you next time!

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