How to create a blog VI – Forms of dissemination and traffic collection

This is the 6th article in the ” How to Create a Blog ” series:

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The topic of today’s article are the techniques of spreading and raising traffic to your blog.

Now that you already have a significant number of articles published you have to start to spread your blog in order to attract visitors.

Forms of dissemination and traffic

– Links in the signature of the Forums in which you participate

 Most forums allow members to post their signature. The signature is a “text / link / image” that appears at the end of all posts a member post in the forum. So you can use this space to put a link or a banner pointing to your blog.

– Comments on other blogs

If you post relevant comments on other blogs in the same niche you will surely get value visits. But be careful, do not spam (this will ruin your reputation). And what’s more, other readers will only click on your link if you post some valuable content.

– Article marketing

Article marketing consists of publishing relevant articles in article directories . These directories allow the Author to leave links at the end of articles and with this you can generate traffic for free.

I recommend reading the following articles on this subject:

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– Guest posts

You can contact other bloggers in the same niche by posting a guest post.

  • Disclosure in so-called content aggregators
  • Disclosure in social networks
  • Posting videos to YouTube
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

I left to last the Seo technique since since your blog is still very recent, seo will not generate much traffic at this stage. However, you should focus on search engine optimization right from the 1st day of your blog’s life.

Just to get an idea, in the blogs that I manage between 70 to 90% of visits come from search engines.

So it’s important that you invest time in optimizing your blog so that it positions itself on the first page of the SERP (and preferably in the top places ).

To learn more about seo, read the articles I have already published on this subject in the seo category .

In the next article in this series I will talk about ways to monetize blogs.

See you soon!

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