How to create a blog V – The process of creating and publishing content

This is the 5th article in the ” How to Create a Blog ” series:

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In today’s article I will address perhaps the one that is the most important point for the long-term success of your blog, which is precisely the content.

For you to succeed and make money with your blog, you do not just get good Google placements. Netizens when they do a search on Google are because they are looking for something, and if when they visit your blog they do not find what they are looking for they quickly abandon it and may never come back.

That is why it is essential to offer high quality content that matches the expectations of visitors.


– The content must be related to the chosen niche

In the article ” How to create a blog – part I “, I talked about the importance of defining / choosing a niche, and the factors to take into account. In this sense, it is obvious that when creating content for your blog, these should be closely related to the defined theme.

– Define a cadence of writing / publishing new articles and comply with them

This point depends on each person, and has to be defined according to their available time.

In the initial phase of the blog it is important that you get to publish new articles often (a good goal is to publish 1 new article per day). I remember that the higher the cadence of publication, the faster your blog will grow and the faster it will reach a volume of relevant traffic in order to start to be monetized.

If your free time is not much, then consider writing 30 to 50 articles before “putting the blog on the air”. This way, once you publish the 1st article you will have 30 to 50 articles ready to be published next, and you will not feel the pressure and stress of having to write every day because you need new content to publish.

This gives you some room for maneuver, and allows you to keep writing at your pace and without pressure – which will help you maintain the excellence and quality of your articles .

– Do not publish just by posting

If for some reason you have neglected and do not have new content to publish, then simply conform to the situation and do not publish.

Publish only by publishing, without quality, is bad for your reputation and will drive away readers.

– Buying articles is an option to take into account

In the heaviest times, or in case you are without ideas, you may consider buying some articles, since there are copywriters who do this type of work and with fairly reasonable quality.

– Focus on creating content and forget about monetization

In the initial phase of your blog you should focus all your energies on creating content. Score. The monetization is for later, when already has 100 to 150 articles published, and a volume of traffic that already justifies it.

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