How to create a blog IV – How to choose a wordpress theme


Today I will return to the series of articles on How to create a Blog  . This will be the 4th article.

Article 1 – How to create a blog I – The choice of niche

Article 2 – How to create a blog II – A Choice of domain and accommodation

Article 3 – How to create a blog III – How to install WordPress

The layout will not be perhaps the main factor for the success of a blog . There are other, much more important factors such as content, internal optimization, external links , and more.

However, the layout is important for other reasons. Just as you care about your personal image and do not go out on the street without being properly arranged, you should also be equally concerned about the image of your blog.

A good theme will give your blog a spectacular image, showcase your professional imagination and captivate your readers even more.

In the first months of my blog I was using a free and bland theme, and today I recognize that this was a barrier to the growth of the number of blog readers, and as a consequence had a negative impact on the blog’s own global growth.

I confess that once I changed the subject, I began to notice a daily growth in the number of people who subscribed to the feed, as well as the newsletter.

How to choose a wordpress theme for your blog

There are numerous places where you can search and buy good wordpress themes.

I will recommend here 3 (which in my opinion are the best):

Elegant Themes

On most of my blogs I’m using themes from Elegant Themes . I made the annual subscription and had access to all themes (more than 50 themes currently).

  • ” How to install Elegant Themes themes “

 Theme Forest

 In Theme Forest there is a wide variety of wordpress themes to choose from. You can choose to buy the unit or take advantage of the promotional campaigns that are sometimes made available with packs of themes at a discount price.

Mojo Themes

The Mojo Themes fun mode is similar to Theme Forest , and sometimes there are good promotions too.

 In these 3 proposals you have a lot to choose from, and certainly not for lack of good themes and good offers you will not have a truly professional and visually attractive blog.

Make a good choice and we’ll see you in the next chapter.

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