How to create a blog II – The choice of domain and hosting

This is the 2nd article in the How to Create a Blog :

Article 1 – How to create a blog I – The choice of niche

In the previous article I talked about the importance of doing a market research in order to choose the best niche possible, and today I will continue talking about the importance of choosing a good domain and a good housing.

By starting to this stage you should already have chosen your niche market, and have in front of you a list of relevant and representative keywords of your niche.


Your domain should preferably include the keyword (s) within your niche that have the highest search volumes. This is because in the medium term, your goal should be to reach Google’s # 1 spot for these keywords and thus present yourself as a leader in your segment.

Besides being able to become a leader in your niche you will still have many free visits from Google.

As you can see it’s a true 2 in 1.

I also recommend that if possible choose a .com domain – if it is free.

You can check the availability of the domain you want on the PTWebsite site  – Click on “Domain Registration” and the Registration Area can confirm the availability (or not) of your domain.

Note: If the domain you had in mind is already busy you will have to try other options.

In my case, I chose for this blog the domain “marketingsucesso”, and my goal was to rank for the word “success”. “Success” is a keyword with a high volume of monthly searches, however it is also a word with lots of competition. At this moment my blog is between the 2nd and 3rd place of Google for the word ” success “, and with the continuation of the work of optimization and fundraising links I hope to get in 1st place.


To start your blog you do not need to invest in expensive accommodation. For about 30 euros / year it is already possible to buy domain and own accommodation sufficient for the needs of your blog. If, by chance, your blog grows a lot (which would be great), you can later expand the hosting to suit your needs.

I recommend purchasing accommodation in the following companies:

– PTWS  (For example the Basic Linux Package BAL-2, which includes the registration of a domain is at 29.40 € / year)

– PTWebsite  (For example the Eco package, which includes the registration of a domain is at 31.95 € / year)

This is where I have most of my projects. It is not expensive and the support service is pretty good and fast.


If you want to start a serious and profitable project in the short term, becoming a leader in your niche , then avoid free blogs (like blogger or wordpress).

As you saw above for about 30 € / year you can have mastery and accommodation, which brings the following advantages:

– You will have full control over the blog and the contents

The blog will be your property and you will be able to control and create backups of all content, unlike what happens in free blogs, where you could lose all your work overnight.

Already imagined what it would be to invest thousands of hours to make your blog grow (articles, link building, etc.) and generate a good profit, so that from one moment to the other to be left with nothing. It would be a really tragic situation.

– Increases your reputation

A domain of its own creates more trust in the visitors and readers of the blog, contributing to increase its reputation and its profits.

– The blog will have commercial value

If one day later for some reason your life changes you will be able to sell your blog. If you have a consolidated and profitable project then you can make a good profit from the sale. There are cases of blogs sold for thousands of euros.

Remember that you can never sell a free blog created in blogger, wordpress, frog, or other platform of the genre.

These are just some of the most important advantages, and there are many more like flexibility, possibility of creating more complex projects, etc.

Part II of How to Create a Blog series is now complete. To the next!

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