How To Create A 3D Cover For Ebook For Less Than 5 Dollars (My Ecover Maker)

Offering a “digital bait” is one of the best ways to start creating your list and e-books are the “digital baits” most used by internet marketers.

In this context, the cover of the book plays a significant role. The cover is what web surfers come first, and a bad cover can discourage people from providing the email.You can have an ebook with excellent content and tips to a considerable value, however, if your book has a cover, the person will think that the content is equally poor, and so will not subscribe to your list.

Given that the cover design is critical, I’ll introduce you to a website where you can create a 3D cover for your e-book for less than five bucks. The site is My Ecover Maker.

This site offers more than 90 formats of 3D covers, and the entire cover is created online, so you will not have to download any software for your computer.

In addition to the dozens of formats to choose from, you also have access to the system’s image library and various fonts, with spectacular effects.

On the homepage, you can watch a short video that shows you how to use the system features to create your cover from scratch.

After designing your cover, you will have to pay $ 4.95 to download the 3D and 2D versions. This is the cheapest solution, at least for internet marketers who need to create 3D covers sporadically. For those who need to create more than three covers a month (or banners), it is cheaper to pay the monthly fee of $ 14.95, since this way you will have access to unlimited downloads.

So far I’ve only talked about covers for the book, but in My Ecover Maker, it’s also possible to create banners, 3D packages, etc.

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