Cheap Email Marketing: 5 Reasons to Choose the Trafficwave

Nowadays making use of email marketing is indispensable for any and every online entrepreneur. For example, if you are selling an infoproduct through a sales page, or if you have a blog and are not picking up the emails of the people who visit your page, then know that you are losing a lot of money.

Most sales are from the 3rd contact with the product, so the best strategy is to capture the emails of your visitors (offering something in return – bonuses), and then send emails with tips, information, maybe even a discount, and you will notice that some of the people on your email list will end up buying your product.

If you had not picked up the emails from these people (who ended up buying), they would probably never hear of your product again and would never buy from you.

I’ve used multiple autoresponders for email marketing, among them Aweber , but I’ve given up because to large lists the price turns out to be very high. Until I discovered Trafficwave , which provides a good and inexpensive email marketing service – from my experience the delivery rate is as good as Aweber and at a much higher price.

5 Reasons to Choose Trafficwave

 1. Price

The main reason to choose Trafficwave is undoubtedly the price. In other email marketing services the price increases as the number of subscribers to the list (s) increases (as you can see from the table below) – but in Trafficwave the price is fixed: $ 17.95 per month.

In this table I show a comparison of prices up to 10,000 subscribers, in which you can already notice significant differences, but the big differences happen from the 10,000 subscribers. And let’s make sure 10,000 subscribers can do it without even giving it.

Duplicate prices for lists from 10,000 subscribers

For example, at Aweber , if your list has between 10,001 and 25,000 subscribers you will pay $ 130 per month, while at Trafficwave you are still paying $ 17.95 per month. For lists from 25,000, they do not even reveal the price and have you get in touch to find out.

At GetResponse from 10,000 subscribers you pay $ 65 per month, from 25,000 subscribers pays $ 145, from 50,000 pays $ 250 per month and from 100,000 pays $ 450 per month – whereas at Trafficwave you always carry out paying $ 17.95 per month.

2. Video tutorials

Anyone who has worked with other email marketing services will have no difficulty working with Trafficwave, since the mode of operation is similar.

For those who have never worked with email marketing and autoresponders, Trafficwave provides a series of video tutorials (in English) that explain step-by-step how to create campaigns, forms, follow-up messages, send an isolated message, and more.

3. Unlimited campaigns and forms

At Trafficwave you can create an unlimited number of campaigns and forms. This is very useful for those who have more than one blog, or more than one sales page, because this way you can create a campaign for each blog or product and keep everything separate and well organized.

4. Importing emails

You can import emails, for example if you are switching from another service to Trafficwave. You can import 1,000 emails at a time, and people will receive a message and click on the confirmation link to be added to the list.

5. Free trial of 30 days

At Trafficwave you can experience service without any risk for 30 days, and without having to give your credit card (or other) data for payment. (Note: During the trial period you will not be able to import email

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