How To Beat The Laziness Of Writing New Articles In The Blog Applying The Technique Of “Only A Few Minutes …" or “Zeigarnik Effect"

To keep your readers loyal and increase the number of visitors to your blog you need to publish NEW articles regularly.But often, laziness prevents us from producing fresh, high-quality content. People who have a blog certainly understand what I”m talking about. So, I decided to share with you the technique I use when that horrible sloth appears that blocks our productivity. I… More →

Powerful software for creation of attractive videos (whiteboard animation)

The “whiteboard animation” videos are very successful, especially among North American marketers. This kind of video is very innovative, and when done right it creates a significant impact on people. Marketers who use whiteboard animation to sell products, generate leads, and so on – claim that such video has increased their conversion rates in a way they never imagined. So I”ve been researching… More →

5 Common Mistakes Bloggers Do

With each passing day, more and more people are writing content for the web, whether they are bloggers who write to “feed” their blogs, or are individuals who are paid to write articles for the internet. And in the midst of all this, there are experienced, and novice people, and this article is mainly aimed at those who are taking the… More →