How To Beat The Laziness Of Writing New Articles In The Blog Applying The Technique Of “Only A Few Minutes …” or “Zeigarnik Effect”

To keep your readers loyal and increase the number of visitors to your blog you need to publish NEW articles regularly.But often, laziness prevents us from producing fresh, high-quality content. People who have a blog certainly understand what I’m talking about.

So, I decided to share with you the technique I use when that horrible sloth appears that blocks our productivity. I learned this handy technique when I was reading the book “A Backpack for the Universe,” by author Elsa P. This is the “just a few minutes” method, which was proposed by Bliuma Zeigarnik (a Russian-born psychologist).

This psychologist has shown that when you start an activity, the mind experiences a kind of anxiety until it finishes what it is doing because the brain does not like to leave things in the middle – this became known as the “Zeigarnik Effect”. On the other hand, when you finish an activity, your mind sighs with relief. The hardest thing is to start doing something!

So what can we do to overcome laziness and combat procrastination?

What is more difficult is to start something because it will take our time and demand our effort – the idea is to think that we will only focus on this task for a few minutes.

Just a few minutes seems easy to get over, right? Then, you start writing. What happens is you can fool your “lazy” brain by telling it, “I’ll just write for a few minutes.”Remember that our brain does not like to leave things undone?

Well, after writing for a while, those few minutes of activity will create enough mental anxiety for us to be willing to finish this task ourselves. Since I became aware of this technique, I use it every time it hits that laziness of writing AND IT REALLY WORKS !!! I applied it right here in this article. Today, I was not in the mood to write.Then I remembered the technique of “just a few minutes.” – so I logged in here in the control panel of my blog and started by writing the title of the article.

Then, I went to Google to look for an image to illustrate the text, and I started by writing the first few lines. The minutes went by and the article started to take shape.

Then, I could not stop and, after spending some time here, I was almost finishing this article. I have overcome the laziness of writing!

Now I’ll click on the “Publish” button and deliver to you another fresh and quality article – so I hope 🙂

The “just a few minutes” technique is really VERY POWERFUL and can be applied to any task you need to do, not just write.

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