How To Beat The Laziness Of Writing New Articles In The Blog Applying The Technique Of “Only A Few Minutes …" or “Zeigarnik Effect"

To keep your readers loyal and increase the number of visitors to your blog you need to publish NEW articles regularly.But often, laziness prevents us from producing fresh, high-quality content. People who have a blog certainly understand what I”m talking about. So, I decided to share with you the technique I use when that horrible sloth appears that blocks our productivity. I… More →

How to Create Email Capture Pages in Less Than 2 Minutes with the SqueezeWP Plugin

Want to know how to create fantastic email capture pages even without knowing anything about programming? Then, you need to know the SqueezeWP Plugin (WordPress)! This plugin was created by J R, and in this video HERE,  he demonstrates in practice how it is possible to create an attractive capture page in less than 2 minutes. Plugin features:  100% responsive;  simple and practical;… More →

How To Create A 3D Cover For Ebook For Less Than 5 Dollars (My Ecover Maker)

Offering a “digital bait” is one of the best ways to start creating your list and e-books are the “digital baits” most used by internet marketers. In this context, the cover of the book plays a significant role. The cover is what web surfers come first, and a bad cover can discourage people from providing the email.You can have an ebook… More →

[Study] 3 Factors That Help Increase E-mail Launch Rate

The Retention Science  conducted a study that analyzed 260 million emails included in 540 campaigns email marketing , and conclusions reveleram three factors that help increase email open rate: 1. Emails with 6 to 10 words in the Subject field have a higher opening rate According to the Retention Science study, emails with 6 to 10 words in the Subject field obtained a 5% higher… More →

Cheap Email Marketing: 5 Reasons to Choose the Trafficwave

Nowadays making use of email marketing is indispensable for any and every online entrepreneur. For example, if you are selling an infoproduct through a sales page, or if you have a blog and are not picking up the emails of the people who visit your page, then know that you are losing a lot of money. Most sales are from the… More →

Powerful software for creation of attractive videos (whiteboard animation)

The “whiteboard animation” videos are very successful, especially among North American marketers. This kind of video is very innovative, and when done right it creates a significant impact on people. Marketers who use whiteboard animation to sell products, generate leads, and so on – claim that such video has increased their conversion rates in a way they never imagined. So I”ve been researching… More →

Email capture: blog with pop up domination vs blog without pop up domination

In today”s article I will return to the topic of email capture / increase of the number of subscribers of the blog, to prove how a pop up to capture emails ( in my case pop up domination ) can boost their results. Blog with pop up domination vs blog without pop up domination Let”s look at the results from last month… More →

5 Common Mistakes Bloggers Do

With each passing day, more and more people are writing content for the web, whether they are bloggers who write to “feed” their blogs, or are individuals who are paid to write articles for the internet. And in the midst of all this, there are experienced, and novice people, and this article is mainly aimed at those who are taking the… More →

How to resolve error in wordpress “Warning: Parameter 1 to fdl_the_content () expected to be a reference"

People who have visited the success blog these past days should have noticed the following error message: “Warning: Parameter 1 to fdl_the_content () expected to be a reference, value given in / home / … / public_html / … / wp-includes / plugin .php on line 170 “ That is, instead of the contents of the posts only this message was displayed.… More →

How to create a WordPress Blog – Application available for Android

Smartphones seem to be a fashion that has come to stay, which led me to research a bit about applications for Android and the Android Market. As a result, I created a simple application for Android, through which I make available my e-book: “How to create a WordPress blog”. Whoever has an android smartphone, and want to learn step by step… More →