How To Beat The Laziness Of Writing New Articles In The Blog Applying The Technique Of “Only A Few Minutes …" or “Zeigarnik Effect"

To keep your readers loyal and increase the number of visitors to your blog you need to publish NEW articles regularly.But often, laziness prevents us from producing fresh, high-quality content. People who have a blog certainly understand what I"m talking about.

So, I decided to share with you the technique I use when that horrible sloth appears that blocks our productivity. I learned this handy technique when I was reading the book “A Backpack for the Universe," by author Elsa P. This is the “just a few minutes" method, which was proposed by Bliuma Zeigarnik (a Russian-born psychologist).

This psychologist has shown that when you start an activity, the mind experiences a kind of anxiety until it finishes what it is doing because the brain does not like to leave things in the middle – this became known as the “Zeigarnik Effect". On the other hand, when you finish an activity, your mind sighs with relief. The hardest thing is to start doing something!

So what can we do to overcome laziness and combat procrastination?

What is more difficult is to start something because it will take our time and demand our effort – the idea is to think that we will only focus on this task for a few minutes.

Just a few minutes seems easy to get over, right? Then, you start writing. What happens is you can fool your “lazy" brain by telling it, “I"ll just write for a few minutes."Remember that our brain does not like to leave things undone?

Well, after writing for a while, those few minutes of activity will create enough mental anxiety for us to be willing to finish this task ourselves. Since I became aware of this technique, I use it every time it hits that laziness of writing AND IT REALLY WORKS !!! I applied it right here in this article. Today, I was not in the mood to write.Then I remembered the technique of “just a few minutes." – so I logged in here in the control panel of my blog and started by writing the title of the article.

Then, I went to Google to look for an image to illustrate the text, and I started by writing the first few lines. The minutes went by and the article started to take shape.

Then, I could not stop and, after spending some time here, I was almost finishing this article. I have overcome the laziness of writing!

Now I"ll click on the “Publish" button and deliver to you another fresh and quality article – so I hope 🙂

The “just a few minutes" technique is really VERY POWERFUL and can be applied to any task you need to do, not just write.

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How to Create Email Capture Pages in Less Than 2 Minutes with the SqueezeWP Plugin

Want to know how to create fantastic email capture pages even without knowing anything about programming? Then, you need to know the SqueezeWP Plugin (WordPress)!

This plugin was created by J R, and in this video HERE,  he demonstrates in practice how it is possible to create an attractive capture page in less than 2 minutes.

Plugin features:

  •  100% responsive;
  •  simple and practical;
  •  integration with social networks;
  •  possibility to insert video background;
  • animated pages;
  •  regressive counter;
  •  unlimited fonts;
  •  forms in Modal;
  •  automatic updates;
  •  among others.

How To Create A 3D Cover For Ebook For Less Than 5 Dollars (My Ecover Maker)

Offering a “digital bait" is one of the best ways to start creating your list and e-books are the “digital baits" most used by internet marketers.

In this context, the cover of the book plays a significant role. The cover is what web surfers come first, and a bad cover can discourage people from providing the email.You can have an ebook with excellent content and tips to a considerable value, however, if your book has a cover, the person will think that the content is equally poor, and so will not subscribe to your list.

Given that the cover design is critical, I"ll introduce you to a website where you can create a 3D cover for your e-book for less than five bucks. The site is My Ecover Maker.

This site offers more than 90 formats of 3D covers, and the entire cover is created online, so you will not have to download any software for your computer.

In addition to the dozens of formats to choose from, you also have access to the system"s image library and various fonts, with spectacular effects.

On the homepage, you can watch a short video that shows you how to use the system features to create your cover from scratch.

After designing your cover, you will have to pay $ 4.95 to download the 3D and 2D versions. This is the cheapest solution, at least for internet marketers who need to create 3D covers sporadically. For those who need to create more than three covers a month (or banners), it is cheaper to pay the monthly fee of $ 14.95, since this way you will have access to unlimited downloads.

So far I"ve only talked about covers for the book, but in My Ecover Maker, it"s also possible to create banners, 3D packages, etc.

[Study] 3 Factors That Help Increase E-mail Launch Rate

The Retention Science  conducted a study that analyzed 260 million emails included in 540 campaigns email marketing , and conclusions reveleram three factors that help increase email open rate:

1. Emails with 6 to 10 words in the Subject field have a higher opening rate

According to the Retention Science study, emails with 6 to 10 words in the Subject field obtained a 5% higher opening rate  than emails with 0 to 5 words in the subject (which got the second highest rate).

Or authors also revealed that 52% of the emails evaluated had subjects with 11 to 15 words, which lowered the opening rate to 14%.

While studies have reported open rates of 65% on mobile devices, Retention Science reported that 35% of the emails analyzed were opened on a mobile device, thus reinforcing the importance of writing a short subject:

“Given that most smartphones only display five or six words of a subject line, being brief and concise is an even more critical factor in the world of mobile marketing."

2. Placing the first name of the recipient in the Email subject increases the opening rate by 2.6%

To help increase the rate of opening emails, Retention Science recommends that you put the person"s name (recipient) * in the Email Subject.

* Obviously for this, when building your email list , you will have to capture people"s name + email (not just the email). 

3. Placing Movie Titles or Song Lyrics in the Email Subject increases the aperture rate

Retention Science noted that the emerging trend in using Song Titles and Movies in the Subject of Emails also helped email marketers achieve higher opening rates.

“References to movies and music can be targeted to particular customer segments or encapsulate a promotional theme, making it a creative way to hyper-segment and capture attention," said Jerry Jao, CEO of Retention Science.

Citing a separate study, the company (Retention Science) revealed that Movie Affairs and / or Song Lyrics Emails had an opening rate of 26.2% compared to emails with “more traditional subject lines “, Which resulted in an opening rate of around 16%:

Cheap Email Marketing: 5 Reasons to Choose the Trafficwave

Nowadays making use of email marketing is indispensable for any and every online entrepreneur. For example, if you are selling an infoproduct through a sales page, or if you have a blog and are not picking up the emails of the people who visit your page, then know that you are losing a lot of money.

Most sales are from the 3rd contact with the product, so the best strategy is to capture the emails of your visitors (offering something in return – bonuses), and then send emails with tips, information, maybe even a discount, and you will notice that some of the people on your email list will end up buying your product.

If you had not picked up the emails from these people (who ended up buying), they would probably never hear of your product again and would never buy from you.

I"ve used multiple autoresponders for email marketing, among them Aweber , but I"ve given up because to large lists the price turns out to be very high. Until I discovered Trafficwave , which provides a good and inexpensive email marketing service – from my experience the delivery rate is as good as Aweber and at a much higher price.

5 Reasons to Choose Trafficwave

 1. Price

The main reason to choose Trafficwave is undoubtedly the price. In other email marketing services the price increases as the number of subscribers to the list (s) increases (as you can see from the table below) – but in Trafficwave the price is fixed: $ 17.95 per month.

In this table I show a comparison of prices up to 10,000 subscribers, in which you can already notice significant differences, but the big differences happen from the 10,000 subscribers. And let"s make sure 10,000 subscribers can do it without even giving it.

Duplicate prices for lists from 10,000 subscribers

For example, at Aweber , if your list has between 10,001 and 25,000 subscribers you will pay $ 130 per month, while at Trafficwave you are still paying $ 17.95 per month. For lists from 25,000, they do not even reveal the price and have you get in touch to find out.

At GetResponse from 10,000 subscribers you pay $ 65 per month, from 25,000 subscribers pays $ 145, from 50,000 pays $ 250 per month and from 100,000 pays $ 450 per month – whereas at Trafficwave you always carry out paying $ 17.95 per month.

2. Video tutorials

Anyone who has worked with other email marketing services will have no difficulty working with Trafficwave, since the mode of operation is similar.

For those who have never worked with email marketing and autoresponders, Trafficwave provides a series of video tutorials (in English) that explain step-by-step how to create campaigns, forms, follow-up messages, send an isolated message, and more.

3. Unlimited campaigns and forms

At Trafficwave you can create an unlimited number of campaigns and forms. This is very useful for those who have more than one blog, or more than one sales page, because this way you can create a campaign for each blog or product and keep everything separate and well organized.

4. Importing emails

You can import emails, for example if you are switching from another service to Trafficwave. You can import 1,000 emails at a time, and people will receive a message and click on the confirmation link to be added to the list.

5. Free trial of 30 days

At Trafficwave you can experience service without any risk for 30 days, and without having to give your credit card (or other) data for payment. (Note: During the trial period you will not be able to import email

Powerful software for creation of attractive videos (whiteboard animation)

The “whiteboard animation" videos are very successful, especially among North American marketers. This kind of video is very innovative, and when done right it creates a significant impact on people. Marketers who use whiteboard animation to sell products, generate leads, and so on – claim that such video has increased their conversion rates in a way they never imagined.

So I"ve been researching and found a powerful software that lets you make “whiteboard animation" videos. I tried it for free for a few days – the free trial period is 30 days – and I found it so cool that I ended up buying an annual subscription to the product.

Working with this software is quite simple. I watched only three video tutorials (which they make available on the site), and I immediately made this video that I show below:

In my opinion, it is a software that has a lot of potentials, and also it still offers a library of audio (music) free of copyright to put in the videos.

I already uploaded to You Tube some videos I made, and they were accepted to be monetized. By purchasing a license of this software you have full permission to use all images and music, and so the videos you create are considered as original content belonging to you.

Some ways to make money from this software:

  •  Make videos to promote and sell products through You Tube;
  •  Make videos to make money with Adsense ads from You Tube;
  •  Create video content to put in your blog posts;
  •  Provide the video creation service for people/companies interested in promoting their products and services innovatively and attractively.

Email capture: blog with pop up domination vs blog without pop up domination

In today"s article I will return to the topic of email capture / increase of the number of subscribers of the blog, to prove how a pop up to capture emails ( in my case pop up domination ) can boost their results.

Blog with pop up domination vs blog without pop up domination

Let"s look at the results from last month (June / 2013) of 2 blogs of similar niches:

Blog A: Blog with pop up domination: 6,797 unique visitors / 248 new subscribers

Blog B: Blog  without pop up domination: 1,263 unique visitors / 10 new subscribers

Analyzing the results and making a simple calculation, I can conclude that if I were not using pop up domination on Blog A, I would have only 53 new subscribers (instead of 248).

Applying the same type of relationship, now for Blog B, I can also conclude that if I were using pop up domination in it, I would have got 46 new subscribers (instead of 10). That is to say, »» » + 460% !!! A result that is in line with what is advertised on the plugin"s own website:

5 Common Mistakes Bloggers Do

With each passing day, more and more people are writing content for the web, whether they are bloggers who write to “feed" their blogs, or are individuals who are paid to write articles for the internet. And in the midst of all this, there are experienced, and novice people, and this article is mainly aimed at those who are taking the first steps in writing content for the internet.

  • Low-quality titles.  Both titles and subtitles play a significant role in getting traffic from Google, as well as helping to help searchers find what they are looking for. Make sure the title tells readers exactly what the article is about (forget words you"ve found in the dictionary or “nice headlines"). Also, divide the text into subtopics so that visitors can quickly “roll their eyes" through the content and find the information they want.
  • Writing for yourself. Sorry, but if you are" writing for yourself “on the internet, you probably will not make money. Unlike published writers, you do not have editors to draw red crosses on your text and cut off what"s over, so you have to get straight to the point to get traffic. Remember that when you write for the web, you are writing to readers – first – and second to Google. Yes, this includes poems and stories, which can even lead to many followers, but that will never bring you a great income if you do not know what you are doing. Of course, you can write on topics you like, but you should not fall in love with your voice and write only for yourself!
  • Uncommon articles . Titles and content are only a" small “part in creating a compelling and readable article. You need to catch the reader"s attention, especially if it"s a long article – Insert photos, videos, and highlighted text boxes with engaging information to keep your reader interested, and keep reading (preferably to the end). Do not go into detours – if the user came to your article for information, then give him that information, instead of rambling on other subjects.
  • Send the readers through links.  Sometimes I come across articles where there are dozens of links. Link to other unrelated items, Wikipedia, random websites, links to articles on other sites, etc. I feel like I"m passing “the mouse" over a minefield. Building links are relevant, however, should never exaggerate.
  • Stressed if you do not start receiving traffic. Many new bloggers as soon as some visitors come in assume that their work is done. Wrong! Others can not get traffic and start to stress. Wrong! Sometimes it can take months for quality content to start getting traffic on a regular basis. So in the early days, the best thing is not even to write more and more content. As time goes on, you will improve your knowledge and skills at the writing level, and visitors will enter in ever greater numbers. There may also be a good time to take a look and edit the first articles you"ve written and published. I"m sure you"ll be surprised how bad they were. That happened to me! When I reread some of the first articles I wrote, I was embarrassed!

How to resolve error in wordpress “Warning: Parameter 1 to fdl_the_content () expected to be a reference"

People who have visited the success blog these past days should have noticed the following error message: “Warning: Parameter 1 to fdl_the_content () expected to be a reference, value given in / home / … / public_html / … / wp-includes / plugin .php on line 170 “

That is, instead of the contents of the posts only this message was displayed.

Just today I detected the error, which had also occurred to me a while ago in another blog, and I verified that the error was being caused by the “Feed Layout" plugin – that serves to display publicity to the readers of the blog by email .

If you also use this plugin, sooner or later this error may occur, but nothing to get into stress since solving the problem is quite simple.

How to solve this error?

To solve this problem you only have to edit the “Feed Layout" plugin.

Go to “Installed Plugins", and in the “Feed Layout" plugin click “Edit".

Scroll down to line 38 of code: The code displayed on line 38 is:

function fdl_the_content (& $ content)

Replace this line of code with:

function fdl_the_content ($ content)

As you can verify just have to delete the “&".

And that"s it, it"s very simple and the problem is solved immediately.

How to create a WordPress Blog – Application available for Android

Smartphones seem to be a fashion that has come to stay, which led me to research a bit about applications for Android and the Android Market. As a result, I created a simple application for Android, through which I make available my e-book: “How to create a WordPress blog".

Whoever has an android smartphone, and want to learn step by step how to create and make money with a WordPress blog can get the application here .

I am waiting for your opinions and comments.